The Folding Concept "Roll and Slide"*

This new folding system is completed with the shrouds on the main hull. It's very easy to fold the cross.

So, you can change very quickly the width of the Trimaran and keep a good stability in the port.

The C329 take the same place than a monohull.

The Centreboard is specialy put on the side to have a lot of space inside.

The main sheet is on the back and let the entire cockpit free.

The removable mast is easy to rise to make the C329 trailerable.

Built in aluminium for safe, ecologic and durability.

*"Roll & Slide" is a registered trademark

*"Roll & Slide" est une marque déposée.

 Création/Commercialisation: Patrice FRINZI.    Contact  

The C329 folding is  3m width,  it takes the same berth than a monhull with the same long!